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I am going to be completely cliche and say that I love writing. I would like to be able to say that writing is my life and all that but it's not. It's something I do when I need to clear my head about a new school or some mean friends. Personally, I don't mind if nobody reads this, but it makes my day when I get comments and likes.
I get lost in my own world of writing and when I'm finished I snap back in to reality and I almost wish I was living inside my own book.
I must say for starters that I am not a very big One Direction fan but the fan fiction that people write about them fascinates and amuses me :) that's why I decided to write my own fan fiction. Thank you for your time xx

  • misstrickymicki
    This definantly needs more reads!! Its really good!!!!!
    Eliza Jasper has gone to hell and back. From her mothers death, to the ugly images of being an army brat she has fought. She is 18, and is ready to find herself again. She is bright, kind, quite, and has...
    thank you very much!!!
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