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  • MissMysteryxxx
    Hunny dont cut. I used to get bullied, but i got through it with my friend. Cutting isnt an escape, its torture. Youre torturin your body when it hasnt done anything wrong. Please stop, I am always here to talk, no matter what time of day, i will listen and support you through the difficult times xx
    Set this word on fire (Janoskians Fanfiction)
    Set this word on...
    Amanda Stevens moves to Australia over the summer she meets someone on the plane. Jai Brooks. Jai falls for Amanda in a matter of minutes. But then so does someone else in the Janoskians... ...
    A.A Lovell
    5 years ago
    Thank you<3 I've stopped and I'm not planning to start again<3
    5 years ago
    good my friend used to cut
    5 years ago
    its okay<3 how are you now??
  • MissMysteryxxx
    holly 13 niall blue eyes blonde hair and half romantic half dirty please xx
    1D imagines
    1D imagines
    Imagines for you hope you enjoy Please comment name , age , which boy , romantic ,dirty , or however you want it to be like . Also mention you hair and eye color
    5 years ago
    Yours is uploaded
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