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    Niall imagine ?

    You are in the beach sitting with Niall...
    You are just talking and having a good time and then Niall says:
    " Y/N there's something i've dying to tell you"
    " Go on..." you say.
    Harry comes and sits next to Niall.
    " Hey guys! Whats up?"
    Niall glarez at Harry. Harry just ignores and he just starts talking to you.
    " Niall never stopped talking about you in our tour like 24/7 talking about you."
    You start smilling and blushing.
    Niall gets pissed at Harry.
    " Cant you shut up?! " Niall says to Harry.
    " Hehe " Harry laughs sarcasticly.
    Louis Liam and Zayn comes and joins you guys.
    " oh god " you just think in your head.
    You are really hoping to talk to Niall alone.

    *Hours Later*

    "Right we are leaving, enjoy your time together." Liam says. And so the boys leave.
    " FINALLY! We are alone." you say, " so what was it you wanted to tell me...?"

    "The thing i wanted to tell you was that I love you and will you be my girlfriend.." He tells you.
    You are just speechless and happy at the same time.

    Niall lifts you up and he just runs and jumps in the pool.
    Before you can say anything he kisses you and then the words i love you comes out of his mouth.
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