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    The sound of loud whispers had woken me. The stench of hospital and dry blood filled my nose. I slowly peeled my eyes open, revealing the bright lights surrounding me. I moaned lightly, as I had a minor pain in my left shoulder, the doctor told me I must have bashed into something, and my throat felt like I'd drank acid.
    "Doctor, doctor, please she's awake!"
    The sound of Lewis' voice slightly calmed me. Footsteps loudly headed towards me, someone presumably the doctor, gently held my swollen arm and wrists, checking my racing pulse.
    "Her arm and wrists are still extremely swollen, but she's a lot better than she was when she arrived last night."
    I heard Lewis breathing uncontrollably loudly. He said something to the doctor, then the doctor left the room, leaving me and Lewis alone.
    He suddenly got in my face.
    "I've seen how you and Joe gaze at each other like butter wouldn't melt, even though you were mine!"
    Louis harshly confronted me, breathing in my face, like I wasn't actually there.
    I tried to reply, but I couldn't.
    Louis slowly straightened, then stepped towards my monitor, giggling.
    I managed to squeak out a few words.
    "Louis, no, please..."
    He just grinned.
    Tears silently poured from my eyes. I thought this was the end.
    "Goodbye, Emma." he yanked the plug of my monitor from the socket...

    (To Be Continued)
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