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    The Haunted Doll
    Robert the Haunted Doll has been living in the basement of a museum in Key West, Florida for years. With his sailor suit and sweet smile, he seems like a typical children’s toy, but this doll actually lives locked inside a glass case due to his growing reputation as the most haunted doll in the world.
    Back before the turn of the century, the Otto family lived in Key West, where they lived on a plantation with servants who they greatly abused. One of the servants, disgruntled with her situation, gave the Ottos’ son a doll she had laced with voodoo. Neighbors began to claim seeing Robert looking out each window of the house while the family was away, and the family itself began to speak of hearing the doll giggling and running around the house. The son began to have nightmares. He would scream out in the night, furniture in his bedroom toppled over, and further havoc fell upon the family.

    Not knowing what else to do, the Otto family placed the doll in the attic. But house guests could hear footsteps pacing back and forth, with the same ominous giggling wafting through the rafters.

    A new family purchased the home in the 1970s, where a little girl discovered Robert and told similar tales of experiencing the doll’s possession and ability to terrify her. Robert eventually ended up at his current residence in the Florida museum, where employees give regular reports of the same antics he was known for back in the 1800s. Children are welcome to come to the museum and visit Robert today … if they dare …
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