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  • Minerva Rapter

    mumbled "A Mother's Day Special: Grandiose + 3 Chapters"

    I see they updated the copy and paste feature, so I posted Chapters 12-14 today. I hope you enjoy Chapter 14 especially as much as I do. I loved writing it. As always, leave me any comments you have and suggestions.

    Chapter 14 is a real treat.

    Happy Mother's Day! :)

  • Minerva Rapter

    mumbled "New Chapters"

    I tried to paste the new chapter but the format won't let me paste it. You can follow Grandiose on my blog at minervarapter.wordpress.com

    Chapter 12 is posted! Check it out and tell me what you think
  • Minerva Rapter

    mumbled "Grandiose Chapter 10"

    I am out of the states, in the Caribbean for vacation for two months with limited internet access, but I digress. Chapter 10 is now posted, in this chapter you learn more about Victoria, Elizabeth and Henry, more flashbacks into New York and back into the asylum.

    As always I encourage all my readers to give me suggestions on how to improve the story or my writing.
  • Minerva Rapter

    mumbled "Grandiose Chapter 7"

    It took a while and a lot of revising but I finally made Chapter 7 work, I hope you like it. Your suggestions are always welcome.
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