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    Bitch please this is so low copying BrynliLovesNiall 's book from Wattpad, you probably thought if I changed Presley's name in another name and put it on another book site nobody will know it. Girl you were wrong we caught you!!! Just delete it!!!
    Stalker Styles
    Stalker Styles
    "I like the curly haired one. Harry." Ashley Holloway had no idea that sentence would change her life. She had gotten famous over a YouTube video she did as a dare. Now shes making many videos and has...
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    How abou you mind your own fucking business?! This is between me and her and it seems to be bothing you more than it ever has to her! The girl has a backbone and can stand up for herself, she doesnt need you solving her problems! So shut up and find something better to do with your time rather than bitching at me about something that has absolutely nothing to do with you!
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