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hey guys! i love one direction and i love the stories you guys write about them! i hope i can share mine with you and you enjoy them. i love writing and i have a lot of hobbies and things to share with you! i think my profile pic means a lot and my life is always turning in the wrong direction, but i hope that there is hope at the end of one of those tracks... and you guys will be with me the whole way (hopefully!)

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    hey guys! i know my profile page may seem a bit boring so far but next year it will probably be piled with stories! i know that i am writing a story right now, i am not sure what it is going to be called but i will give u updates of when my stories will be out. my latest story is out next year, i am not sure when next year, but don't worry it's not going to be in like July or anything! maybe late January or early February.. idk i can't promise anything. i don't even know if u care! i don't think anyone reads my blog or even goes on my profile page!!! waaaaaaaaaaa! I'm going to go die in a hole because no one likes me! boo hoo!
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    i care about u!
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    hi i just want to say a quick shout out to my friend Nadia! well her pen name is Nadia_b even though she hasn't written any stories! lol, she's really nice and it would be awesome if u could fan her.
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    omc, today we were playing a friz bee catching game in P.E and i can not catch a frizbee! can u believe that! i didn't catch the bloody thing once!!! don't get me wrong i am not usually like this! i am usually really good at sports, it surprises me! oh well, i guess practice makes perfect.. right?
    well bye i guess i am off to do some training! jks! when am i ever going to frizbee in life. it's not like my dream job is to be a frizbee thrower!
    any way, bye 4 now my little carrots!
    Molly! or as u may kno mw as 'Midnightsky'
    lol any way, bye!
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    merry Christmas everyone! i hope you've had a great year and get all of the things that u want! this is to all of my love-lies out there! hey, while i am here, why don't u tell me what your best Christmas gift in your whole life is/was and why..
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    awesome so far!!! please update!!!
    The Holiday Started it all.. (A 1D Fan Fiction)
    The Holiday Starte...
    Would you believe a holiday, this holiday! Could start the romance of a lifetime? For Molly and Jade this couldn't be more true, when vacationing at a paradise resort they meet the love of their live's....
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