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My name is Harley Anne Rose and I love writing! My hobbles include the following: Writing, Graphic Design, Community Volunteering, and most important of all, Dancing!

I'm in advanced ballet and tap, Comp as well. I have won second place in two national competitions with my team. I love them!

My favorite shows are Vampire Diaries and Reign. My favorite youtubers are danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil. Songs: Sweaterweather, Paper Crown, Left Behind, Take me to church, and last but not least is Water Fountain.

  • Pretty Little Nightmare

    Selection (Closed)

    Name: Jasper Colton
    Age: 23
    Status: Prince

    Personality: Noble, Charming, Chivalrous, Witty

    Name: Meredith Foster
    Age: 18

    Personality: Innocent, Cute, Submissive
    Pretty Little Nightmare
    She decided on jeans and a nice shirt, unlike the other girls who were wearing pink ruffley dresses and skirts.

    He was excited, less excited then his brother but still excited. He had never even really talked to a girl.
    Pretty Little Nightmare
    He was so tired of fancy dresses and hairdos.

    She wa s the first to arrive.
    Pretty Little Nightmare
    He sat at one of the ends of the huge table.

    She didn't care.
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