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  • Midnight.Dreams

    mumbled "Vibrancy "

    I want the vibrancy back. You were so vibrant. Bright, happy, made me laugh all the time. You were the rainbow across my sky of life. Then, you picked her. You walked away, and you put vibrancy into her life. Now, my world is a faded version of itself. I want the vibrancy back.
  • Midnight.Dreams

    mumbled "I Love You to the Rain"

    The sky is no limit. As I reach out to grab your hand, I float over a rainbow of vibrant hues. When you kissed me, I felt raindrop pecks upon my lips and cheeks. When you held me so dearly close in your arms, I felt fluffy clouds wrap around me, hold me so gently, but knowing I was safe. You made me feel like the sky, the moon, the stars, and more.

    I Love You to the Rain and Back. Twice.
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