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Hi my name is Raven and one day I hope to be a successful writer. I'm a picky reader on her I will only read something if it has tolerable grammar mistakes and it makes sense and obviously if I enjoy it! :) I'm a very easy person to get along with and if you want to talk to me I'll be right here behind a computer or on my iPod :) xx

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    My name is raven I'm 5'4 and I have blue eyes and sandy hair. I would like a midnight outing with Niall to Taco Bell or something :)
    just send me what you look like your name what you want what boy you want and if you want something else then that too;D
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    My name is raven. I'm 16 I've got freckles and blue eyes and sandy hair. I'm a few inches shorter than Niall. Write what you'd like to happen :)
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    Raven. 5'4. Sandy blonde hair. Kinda long. I'm shy when I'm by myself with people I don't really know but with friends I'm okay around strangers. I laugh a lot at stuff and I love the show friends and sleeping. Niall is my fave :))) circumstances are up to you!
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    haha Niall is One of my favourites too :)
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    hahaha :)
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