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    Hey! To anyone that was reading my Carl story, i deleted it because it was confusing and my writing is now better than before. I WILL be writing another one starring Carl And Mickey so yeah check that out:)
  • PhoenixRose
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    Update please!
    I'm Still HIM
    I'm Still HIM
    Tall and famous around girls. Alex got everything that other guys don't. But, there's one problem, Alex is NOT a man ! No one knows her real gender except her family, colleagues and her best friend. Until...
  • PhoenixRose
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    Amazing story. I can not wait to read more!
    The Crossed Pathways to Home
    The Crossed Pathwa...
    Lucy's world is fading. Sad, alone, her grandmother dying, the rest of the world hating her, what's to look forward to? But when a mysterious blonde haired boy turns up...
    4 years ago
    aw thank you so much :D xxx
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