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I love rapper Eminem my fav color is purple I love <3 to read and I don't really care what people think about me

  • bitch plz;)
    I love this book lol it's really good plezzzz update
    Two Different Worlds
    Two Different Worl...
    He sees love,she sees pain.He sees sunlight,she sees darkness.He sees beauty,she sees flaws.He sees life,she sees death.He's an international teen heartthrob and she's a troubled small town girl.They couldn't...
  • bitch plz;)
    This is amazing plz update :)
    Glass Palace (ON HOLD)
    Glass Palace (ON...
    Tess Montgomery was anything but wealthy. She was beautiful, kind, caring and extremely intelligent. She had two sisters that were complete opposites. Arabella loved Tess while Aidette envied her. She...
  • bitch plz;)
    Plz update this is awesome :)
    Fell: Harry Styles Fanfic
    Fell: Harry Styles...
    Its every girls dream to find the right guy but not when the world has been taken over by vampires. Elle has turned 18 and must be auctioned off to some vampire, but what if Lord Harry decides to buy Elle...
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