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I'm MiaMe

And my favorite superhero is Superman I love him so much especially in Man Of Steel oh my gosh he was so hot anyway Superman's is so awesome because he has like heat vision and junk and he invincible so yea

Anyway favorite food is Taco Bell I love their taco burritos and their new power drinks okay those are good

But I also love Carls Jr oh gosh famous stars are so good and chicken sandwiches oh man I'm drooling


Anyway I love one direction so much they are awesome but I also love 5sos especially Calum oh my he such a hunk

Haha I'm being dorky

Anyway I have a turtle his name is bob lol he's crazy and I have 3 dogs named princess, peanut, butter and 1 new baby doggy named Styles

Yea I'm pretty sure you could tell that's my dog

And not to forget I have 3 younger annoying siblings

So annoying not even joking I totally admire Chloe Mortez btw and yea xD

Anyway bye I'm going to Taco Bell now all that yapping made me hungry





  • Making Over
    Making Over
    by MiaMe
  • MiaMe
    3 years agoReply
    Oh my gosh love it plz plz plz update
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    3 years ago
    thank youuuu! c:
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