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My name is Sabitha, and I am currently seventeen years old. I have always loved writing and I still do. Writing and reading are my passion. I want to be a writer in the future.

HP story "Always"

by , Sunday June 4, 2017
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HP story "Always"

New Harry Potter story by Sabitha Kiritharan

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  • Sabitha.K
    4 months agoReply
    @[The Intelligence Division] brilliant video, @[Chelber] lovely artwork. All the people who made the video and took the video is amazing.
    I'm so honoured and surprised to win honorary award since there are many amazing movellians who deserve the award more than me. Thank you for those who voted for me and chose me for the honorary award, I'm truly blessed and so happy.
    Thank you to everyone who voted for me and those who supports me with their unconditional love. Movellas is an amazing platform which I'm glad to be a part of. Congratulations to all the worthy winners and to everyone who was nominated, your all amazing and deserve to win. Congrats to the awesome fave @[Chloe McCormick] your such a deserving winner.
    Thank you to everyone of movellas, well done to all the winners, nominees and everyone who nominated someone your all fantastic. Thank you.
    The Intelligence Division
    Eyyyy you totally deserve that award! Don't knock yourself down!
    Also, thank you for the kind words - the video was a lot of fun to make, as was collaborating so widely with such awesome people for the sake of recognising all those other awesome people :D
    4 months ago
    fox trot
    3 months ago
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    don't be so humble you got that award because you are good at what you do keep up the good work I hope many great things come your way
  • Sabitha.K

    mumbled "6 years wow"

    5 months agoReply
    I've forgotten to check my profile in a while and realised that my six year movellas anniversary has just passed. Its been an incredible six years and hoping for loads more. I feel old lol. Movellas has been an incredible platform and community which I'm lucky to be a part of filled with wonderful talented people. Go movellas.
    6 year movellas anniversary
    fox trot
    3 months ago
    happy 6 hope you keep this going your a good writer and I want to keep reading your books
  • Sabitha.K
    5 months agoReply
    Thank you to those who nominated me for movellian of the year and have nominated me. I’ve been a member for many years now and still don’t believe I’m worthy for a award like that. Congratulations to everyone who has been nominated and thank you to everyone who has nominated someone. I don’t think I’m going to win since I’m against some pretty amazing people but just being nominated with them gives me so much happiness. Good luck to all the nominees your all amazing and whoever wins each award deserves to win. Movellas is an amazing community and platform which I’m lucky to be a part of. Good luck everyone, everyone who has been nominated or has nominated someone is amazing. Wishing everyone the best. Thank you to everyone all my friends, fans and anyone who has supported me or just been a member of movellas.
  • Sabitha.K
    6 months agoReply
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    Just read this story again and it never stopped being amazing. Chloe your an incredible talented writer and I love the wolf moon series. Riley and Dante forever.
    Wolves of Mateo: Wolf Moon
    Wolves of Mateo:...
    Austin was taken by the hunters by the banks of Wolf Lake - deep in the forests of Mateo, Wyoming. Searching for him is Riley and Dante - his closest friends yet worst enemies. They both have very little...
    Chloe McCormick
    6 months ago
    Ship! Haha
    You're so nice and your words always encourage me <3
    Have you been writing much recently, anything you'd like feedback on or even just a read?
    fox trot
    3 months ago
    sounds good I'm going to read the book
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