I am an movellas Ambassador. I am one of the fanbassadors and am delighted to join the ambassadors program. I welcome everyone to my profile and movellas and hope you do find movellas as amazing as I do. If you need any help don't be hesitated to ask me on my blog.
My fandom is Twilight and Harry Potter. GO TWILIGHT!!

Writing is my dream, it's my passion, its my life. I can't stop writing it's like telling me to stop breathing. I love writing and reading books. I want to be a author one day. I have so many fav authors like J.K Rowling, Stephanie Meyer and many more .Love the twilight and harry potter series. Movellas lets me be myself and is a awesome website.
Chocolate chip cookies yummy
Am Bubbly, kind, sweet, caring girl who loves reading and writing. I want to be a writer when I grow up.
My name is Sabitha by the way.
My achievements
-got silver in the a second branch....and a third with my entry - "In the sky{chapter three}-1
-Came tied first in the battle of the bandoms with "Tobias Eaton-Divergent"

I really hope one day I can be an author as it is my dream, and I love writing which is my passion. My name is Sabitha Kiritharan, and am currently fifteen years old, and in year ten. London is where I live in, and I love movellas it's amazing, I have improved my writing, and made so many new amazing friends. I love writing.

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  • Save Me

    Save Me

    5 Jul 14

    Chloe Shell hasn't had the best of life. Since, her mother dying in a car accident when she was younger, and then her fiancé...    Read more

  • Save Me

    Save Me

    15 Jul 14

    This is a poem written by me Sabitha Kiritharan. I was thinking, and was feeling bored. So I wrote a poem. Give me some feedback...    Read more

  • To Live While You're Dying

    To Live While You're Dying

    7 Jun 14

    A short story about Ava a fourteen year old girl who finds out she has cancer. Finding out how much time she has left. She...    Read more

  • Eternal Damnation

    Eternal Damnation

    19 Apr 14

    Jamie is a vampire. But not an ordinary one. A one of a kind species. She was eternally damned when she found out who she...    Read more

  • Fighting The Shadows

    Fighting The Shadows

    25 Mar 14

    Jace, he is a dauntless member, divergent too. At the age of four, he lost his mother, at the age of sixteen, he found out...    Read more

  • Sabitha.KAmbass..

    Please Check It Out

    Please check out my story "To Live While You're Dying" a competition entry for the fault in our stars competition. It's about a girl called Ava, who has cancer. I would really appreciate if all my amazing fans would take a look at it, and give me some feedback on it. Likes and faves are appreciated. But, I would really wouldn't mind if you would just take a look and give me some feedback on it. I really need feedback to improve, and to get better as a writer. Please check it out, and tell me what you think of my entry.
    To Live While You're DyingA short story about Ava a fourteen year old girl who finds out she has cancer. Finding out how much time she has left. She chooses to withdraw herself,...
  • Sabitha.KAmbass..

    Read Story ASAP Please

    I have entered my story "Eternal Damnation" for The Forever Song competition. Please read/like/comment and fav it please. Please do read/comment/like/fav everyone, would really mean a lot to me. I really do need everyone to check it out. So please do. Please Read Eternal Damnation everyone please.
    Eternal DamnationJamie is a vampire. But not an ordinary one. A one of a kind species. She was eternally damned when she found out who she was. When she was eight, vampires...

    Also, I wanted to thank all my fans for just being amazing, and being there for me, my fans are all amazing, and you're all so cool people, you're all like my family to me. I love you guys.
  • Sabitha.KAmbass..

    Read my story please

    Please read my story "Imagination Kills" please, it is for the Who Framed Klaris Cliff? A Writing Competition. Likes/comments/ faves/feedbacks are appreciated and mean a lot to me. So please do READ!
    Imagination KillsThere's a voice. A girl. Who will never let Pierce go. Pierce realizes her imagination can kill. Thoughts are dangerous. They can kill. Imagining is deadly...
  • Sabitha.KAmbass..


    Can I join Movellas school please
    Name. Sabitha
    Why I want to join: Because I love the idea of movellas school, and its run by all you amazing people, and it seems really fun so I want to join, and make new friends.
    Subjects: English and Maths please
    I am on movellas: Mostly every day, or at least once in every two days
    Time Zone: London, United Kingdom
    I would be extremely comfortable with a room mate, it would allow me to know my room mate, and make a new friend, and it just would be really cool. I really don't mind who or what age my room mate is, as long as they know I am only fourteen, and am quite childish, but can be mature, and love making friends.
    tak for din kommentar
  • Sabitha.KAmbass..

    Had My Injection

    Had two injections in my left arm, it really hurts now and my arm is really paining me. Ow. Arm is aching so bad, oww. Feel like crying, really hurts a lot.
    Will read it today or tomorrow. Know it will be great, after all great writer are writing it. My arm still hurts
    Aw thanks. :)
    It's true.glad you like Tobias.
    C.H. Potter
    Gosh! It really that bad? I have to have an injection at school next week to stop me getting some sort of disease! HELP!
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