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    Valley Heights

    1 years agoReply
    You've just came back from ( Your'e place of choice ) into your old home town. Valley Heights. You was born and raised here. You still remember the day's in your'e room when you counted until your eighteenth birthday, so you could leave this dull town. Now then when the time finally came 4 years later you was drawn back.
    *Rules- 1. Have Fun
    Coming From-
    Relationship- ( What Gender Do you prefer )
    Parents- ( Name, Personality, Career, )
    Siblings- ( Name, Personality, *Career )
    (If there is any old flings you want add in from high school type their name, personality, and relationships)
    Name- Ariel Fennagan
    Age- 22
    Gender- Female
    Personality- Goofy, Clever, Responsible, Nosy, Loyal, Protective
    College- Columbia University
    Career- Journalist
    Coming from- NYC
    Relationship- Single ( Male)
    Appearance- ( Post Later )
    Parents- Nina Fennagan,....
    Mother's personality- Controlling, Kind, Leader,Polite
    Mother's Career- Nurse/ Book editor
    Sibling- None
    Name- Christian Taylor
    Age- 23
    Gender- Male
    Personality- Honest, Anxious, Gentle, Mean, Rebellious
    College- ( Didn't Go )
    Career- Undecided
    Coming From- California
    Relationship- Single ( Female )
    Appearance- ( Post Later )
    Parents Name- Jerry Armstrong, Samantha Taylor
    Mother Personality-Warm, Shy, Calm, Giving, Tolerant
    Father's personality- Mean, Rude, Lazy, Sneaky
    Father's Career- None
    Mother's Career- Waitress
    Have Fun......
    1 years ago
    " This town is full of crap. When you see the sign that first welcomes you in it also say's this town is full of dreams. " Christian starts to laugh.
    D E A T H
    1 years ago
    Trey smiled, "Dreams are part of what make people human." She leaned over toward him. "And to be honest, I tend to follow my own."
    Ariel Cameroe
    1 years ago
    Jess gets home from the hospital. She had dropped Cely off at her house. She texts Emma: 'Hey, my sis is okay for now thanks for being so supportive :) '
  • CupCakes*

    My Summer Camp Story.... ;)

    1 years agoReply
    - Have Fun
    Without your'e consent your'e parents have decided that your'e going to be spending your'e summer roasting marsh mellows and toasting your'e toes by a camp fire. What a bore you might say, but when you get there it's not as you expected. Your'e parents must have didn't read the camp description correctly. Especially the part about sharing rooms with opposite sex. Will you be the goody goody every parent wants or will you explore things you never have before. Your'e choice.


    Background-( Include why you might have been sent a way, or not)
    Name- Adeline Ivey Rose
    Personality- Show off, Nice, Outgoing, Entertaining, Courteous, Bossy, Hard
    Hobbies- Sketching
    Appearance- Light blue eye's, Long curly dark brown hair with dyed tips, Porcelain, Arched Eyes-brows (Pic later)
    Relationship- ( Never had a real boyfriend)
    Background- She's from NYC, the upper west side. This is her first time at Lakewood camp or at camp at all. Her family is really wealthy but aren't close. Mostly raised by different nannies, she found time to put up a wall around her heart.
    Name- Nathaniel Archwood
    Age- 17
    Personality- Cunning, Charming, Clever, Sarcastic, Rude but a gentleman, Courteous
    Hobbies- Flirting with girls, Reading
    Appearance- Light honey brown hair, Blue eyes, Tan skin, Fury eye-brows( Post pic later)
    Background- This is Nathaniel 3rd time at this came. Which he loves being at. Not for the marsh mellows, or mosquitoes, but for the people who go there. The new ones who don't know about him yet, or his plans. Will this year he find the right girl who can turn turn him into a good boy?

    ( First day of camp)..........
    1 years ago
    " So having fun at camp so far? " Nate asks
    1 years ago
    " So wanna go eat breakfast together? "
    1 years ago
    ( Do everyone want to still continue this RP? )
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