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    mumbled "Fall<3 A Niall Horan Fanfic"

    I don't know why I even tried. Its bin 3 years, almost 4, and nothing has changed. Im still that girl just happening to pass him by the halls. Every single damn day. But even though....something about him..just makes my stomach tingle. And I just cant help but stare. His blonde hair is just an amazing view from the back and front. His lips are absolutely a perfect shape. His strong muscular figure just gets to me you know? Well...this guy that makes me as stupid a'f is Niall Horan. Dang...that boy can just manipulate you.
    I set my binder down on the desk as I slid into the seat. I fixed my crumpled baggy gray t-shirt whitch had an American Flag on it and set my brown perfectly staight hair behind my shoulders.
    It was just like every other day in Art. Last period...I adjusted the white beanie on my head letting my side swept bangs hang over perfectly above my bright brown eyes.
    "Get the project you worked on out of your portfolio and continue on working." Our art teacher said while talking a seat by her desk.
    "Hey fattie." I turned around and saw my best friend Hailey.
    "Hey Anorexic." I smiled as I took my portfoilo out of the cabinter and back to my seat. I took out the drawing.
    In sketch, there layed a girl with her feet hanging over a cliff while birds were spread out in front of her.
    "Niall James Horan quit it!!" A girl giggled from behind me. I bit my lower lip and grabbed a mirror that was placed on the table I sat at. I peared it over my shoulder and saw him grab her by the waist and kiss her neck. I looked at the teacher who left the room. Great...
    I set the mirror down amd frowned. I dont even know why I care..Niall's obviously inlove with Allie. Amd then theres me. The girl who he didnt even no freakin exist!!!!
    At the end of the period I quickly shuffled out of the room.
    "Merielle!! (Mary-Ell)" Haley yelled from behind me.
    "Hi." I smiled as we walked towards my locker.
    "Guess what!!" She squealed out like a little kid. I giggled.
    "I just got accepted to this University In England!! ENGLAND!!!" I widened my eyes at her. She was going to England for college. And im going to probably be stuck here in Canada. Just nice.
    "You've got to be kidding me!" I groaned while pulling my locker open. "YOUR LEAVING ME?!?! Here?!" I saw here smile from the corner of my eye.
    "So are you." I froze. My eyes connected with her bright blue eyes.
    "W-what...they accepted mine also...?"
    Okay so a few months ago we both wrote a letter to this University in England. And I guess we both got accepted. But I never knew.
    "Yup!! Oh and we have to fly to England in a week. Were gonna finish our Senior year in some high school over there."
    My whole world just stopped.
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