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"They call me Mister Fahrenheit"
- Freddie Mercury

Aim in life: To become fully functional witch.

I love Queen, Arctic Monkeys, K POP and most of the old songs- English and Hindi.

I can speak Hindi too, of course. And I know a few words in korean, just tied to learn it once, will continue someday.

I Love books. I LOVE writing. Oh And I looove mangoes.

But most importantly, I LOOOOOOOOVE my dog, Silky <3 She will always be my star. And her kids too.

You might be a stalker like me if you have scrolled to read this much. That's great... Talk to me if you like, I'm here most of the time, you can meet my fellow stalker A.S Damea too, she's awesome. ;)

If you need any help, just message me :) I'll be there for youuuu. (When the rain starts to pouuuur)

Hope you have a nice day :)

The 'Chubby' One

by , Monday July 31, 2017
The 'Chubby' One

“Beauty is skin deep.”

I see the caption under a picture and I read it again and again

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  • Mercury Chap
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    Autumn Paints Art, really beautiful from beginning to end, you can really feel the words build up and 'open up' in the last line. Amazing as ever.
    A Ballad for Death
    A Ballad for Death
    A compilation of the poems I write in my free time. (More than 450 as of now) Usually there are no particular reasons as to why I write them, I just feel inspired to do so. I write accross many different...
    Soar Vandergeid
    4 days ago
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    Thank you! I'm really happy to read that, really proud that you still enjoy yourself reading my poems! ;)
    Mercury Chap
    4 days ago
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  • Mercury Chap
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    This is so sweet. :)
    In Your Arms
    In Your Arms
    Everyone looks for that perfect someone, that one person that makes everything better, the person that makes even the imperfections of them perfect just for you. The person that is meant to build a future...
  • Mercury Chap
    Whoa, you expressed everything I couldn't when I felt this way. It's really beautiful and poignant and lays down the argument well enough. Maybe it is love... Maybe it isn't... You should write more poems if you don't, I feel you'll rock the genre when you write it more, your application of words is amazing. Also, the plus point of poetry is that you're venting out your emotions and also enjoying it.
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