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    My name is Melina, I would like a imagine with Harry :) I have a combination of red and brown hair, ocean blue eyes and I'm a little short. I would like to have a dirty imagine, like losing my virginity or something. Xoxo
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    It's in the title my little birdies!
  • MelStyles
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    My name is Melina and i would love to have a imagine with Harry. We first met in the park and now we have our 1 year anniversary of our friendship. But i like him more then a friend amd he likes me too but we don't know. Harry takes the first step. I have long dark brownish/reddish hair and blue eyes and i love to sing. I hope to get a imagine xoxo
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    if you want one don't comment here on this movella comment on my only other one its part two of this because i felt like this one is filled with as much as it can. thank you cutie. love you.
  • MelStyles
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    Thank u soo much for my part 2!! X
    Just One Direction Imagines, Just comment your : Name, Hair Colour, Eye Colour, Hobby, Favourite Boy (or any one else to do with 1D like, Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle, Lux Paul, Josh,Dan,Sandy any one like...
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