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  • MeLoveNiall1223
    Pleaseeeee update!!
    Promises *A Niall Horan Love Story*
    Promises *A Niall...
    Jamie Sullivan has always been a daddy's girl. He promised her he loved her. He promised her he'd never hurt her. But promises are meant to be broken. Unable to tolerate the abuse anymore, she runs away...and...
  • MeLoveNiall1223
    I absautely love this!!! I was crying when the dads note and will was read. Ally deserves someone who cares for her right now. It's good she still has Liam and Niall and Harry and Zayne and Louis... :)
    Only You {Book 1 completed}
    Only You {Book 1...
    Ally Hylton has had a difficult life. When she was much younger, her mother died of cancer. Now, she has moved to a new city and new college, only recognizing the familiar face of her cousin, Harry. Also,...
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