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Hello there!
I don't really know what to put here so I guess I'll just put my likes and dislikes...
Books (My love for reading would probably be considered unhealthy)
Doctor Who
One Direction
The Beatles
Anything sweet
Any shade of pink (except for neon and hot pink)
Being myself (cheesy, I know right but I like being me. And I'm known to be a nerd.)
Fezzes (really cool hats from Turkey)
Danisnotonfire and AmazingPhil, plus lots of other Youtubers
The Mentalist!! I ship Patrick and Teresa!

Any kind of abuse
Avocado :P
Banana (even though the Doctor loves them, nothing will make me like them.)
Haters of One Direction, the Beatles and people who send hate mail to celebrities.

  • Melody Pond
    5 years agoReply
    guys please tell me if you want a sad or happy ending!
    Stand By Me (One Direction Fanfiction)
    Stand By Me (One...
    Amelia, or Amy as she was known to her friends, was an ordinairy girl living in London. Well, she wasn't the kind of girl to follow the crowd. She doesn't like One Direction, she likes listening to Beethovan....
  • Melody Pond

    mumbled "I LOVE THE MENTALIST!"

    5 years agoReply
    I recently started watching The Mentalist and it is AMAZING!!!!!
    I am now obsessed with it!
    I ship Patrick and Teresa! They are perfect for each other!!!
    Anyway..... That's pretty much all...
    Bye :)

    The Doctor: Oh look down there! You've got a little shop. I love a little shop.
    4 years ago
    Hey! Just saw this and thought you would be interested - genuitec.com/raffle/?XyQjG2
    You can win a TARDIS!

    Also, I'm a Who fan too! Check out some of my Who Movellas!
  • Melody Pond

    mumbled "GAH! EXAMS SOON!"

    5 years agoReply
    Hello people reading this!
    I am really bored and I haven't written on my blog for a w hile so I thought 'I'll go write on my blog' so.... here I am. Ta da! :)
    Nothing new or exciting. Except the season finale of Doctor Who aired. Yay... Maybe not yay if you don't know or like Doctor Who.
    So I have exams soon and I won't be on Movella as I usually am..... Don't laugh, I come here often to read.
    Anyways. I think you guys will probably be sic of me babbling so..... This is the end.
    Oh, I mean this is the end of my pointless blog entry, not the end of all the entries yet to come.
    Also I realised I didn't put a quote at the end of my last entry so today you get a double whammy! Yay!
    What's that I hear? You don't want a double whammy? Oh well, you're gonna get one. *evil laughter*
    "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." -Dr Suess

    Interviewer: Who thought of the name "Beatles"?
    John Lennon: I thought of it.
    Interviewer: Why?
    John Lennon: Why not?
  • Melody Pond

    mumbled "My life is kind of meh right now"

    5 years agoReply
    Hello my fellow earthlings!
    I haven't written in a while.
    Nothing new has happened.
    I have got writers block though, isnt that delightful!
    Yes, so nothing new to report.
    Over and out
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