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Hello, my name is Melissa but call me Meli or Mel. I lived in the place, which is in England, London. (Not telling you which part of London.)

Also not telling you my age, some of you knew my age.

Follow me and I'll follow back, deal?!

- *Best Friend will be finishing in case... Because it is stayed in forever.
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*The stories.


Complete story:
Nerd Makeover
I'm Adopted??
Living with 1 Direction
Meet... One Direction!!

If you think you are not a good writer, then don't even thinking about that...

Because if you do it, then your writing is going to be low...
I think you are a good writer!

S-Soft personal
S-Slience girl
A-An Amazing of my friends

  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "Finished the Chapter from Best Friend!"

    Hey, Guys!
    I'm back from holiday about last week.
    I know, I'm lazy to write but anyway...
    My oldest book, Best Friend, from chapter 19 is finally updated!
    I wrote a longer chapter which is a good thing but next chapter, the first PVO is David (Kat's ex)
    That would be interesting!
    Next chapter called Cheated!
    Enjoy the story!

    Best Friend (5SOS's Fanfiction)A normal Australian/British 17 years old girl, Kaitlyn Wilson, had one boy best friend, Luke Hemmings, for 6 years on Australia High school. You know...

    Take care of yourself!
  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "Hi, guys!"

    I'm might not to be online but i'm on the holiday, Sardinia in Italy! So... It's only one week to stay there!

    Best Friend is on hold but you can read it if you're new... SO..!

    Take care! I'll right back to find Wi-Fi on Italy!


  • Queen Of Fanfiction Nerdo

    mumbled "Hi! I'm back!"

    How are you guys???

    From now on, I'm on holiday from the college.

    Anyway, I'm busy with writing these amazing stories and one more thing, I'm on here all the time, but I need to take time off of the internet.


    I hope you understand, if not, then I'll explain.


    I'll be writing on 'Best Friend' story.

    See you later.

    Meli out!
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