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  • Meishakota
    3 years agoReply
    Is there a tune to sing this is? I really want to!
    Lyrics for the Hylian National Anthem (Legend of Zelda)
    Lyrics for the Hyl...
    In my class, we are doing a project where we make our own country. We have to make passports, borders, emblems, flags, mottos, and even the national anthem. I'm a HUGE Legend of Zelda fan, so I based my...
    Jojo S
    3 years ago
    Not really... it was supposed to go with the Ballad of the Goddess, but then it kind of turned into Row Your Boat. ^w^ If you want to sing to it, maybe Zelda's Lullaby? I dunno, you'll have to experiment with different stuff~
    Jojo S
    3 years ago
    Beautifully Saiyan Nerd brought up a good point. The Song of Time might be a nice tune for this.
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