I'm just an 18 year old girl in love with a fake blonde idek

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  • MeganPayne


    The first 7 chapters of the first BH&LG have been edited and are ready to be read! Some things are different so if you wanna re-read the series, the whole thing should be done this weekend! (That means all three books) Yay!
    Can you plz tell me what did u change cz i don't have time to reread the 3 books :P and btw u're an AMAZAYN writer!! I love ur work soooo much!!! Biggest Fan #1!!!
    Lego house by Ed sheeran describes this series perfectly:P well at least Harry and Megan's relationship:P
    Amy Castro
    Hi MeganPayne I was wondering if you were going to write a book 3 of BH&LG
  • MeganPayne

    Wattpad !

    Hi guys! I finally made a Wattpad and I'm actually gonna start using it so go ahead and feel free to check it out! I'll be posting the better version of BH&LG on there as well as a completely new one! Yay!
    btw its MeganPaynee :)
  • MeganPayne


    Hey guys! I know I haven't updated BH&LG, Blue Jeans, or First & Last in a while but it's cause I've been so busy and I've only had time to update one at a time :( The last thing I updated was Let Me Go and I'm trying my best to work on all of them. I hope you guys can forgive me! Aha, just be patient :) Thanks guys! Much love xx
    hurry lol im not going to rush u but u r a amazing writer i hope u know that hahahaha:))
    i'm sorry but could you please tweet me on twitter? i have something to assk youuu!!! @_myloveforharry is my username!! thanks!!!!!
    Can someone tell me what's her username in Twitter? I CAN'T FIND HER! =D
    now it's @HaroldxStylesx
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