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The Future is of my Making
Constructed by my steps
The past will not turn from its path
But the meaning of life is the future I make

It's nice to meet you. I love candy and sushi. (still not quite sure how their related except for the fact that their both incredibly awesome)!
I also love blues and greens as well as birds or butterflies becuase of their freedom, they can literally follow wherever the wind leads them (a dream of mine is to grow wings and fly).
I like to sing, play piano and flute and of course read and write.

I love to read and immerse myself in differant characters and one of my goals is to read as many stories in the world as I can (it's one of those things in my bucket list).
If you guys are free please, just post a link in the comments, I would love to read your fantastic stories or whatever else that comes to mind. I'm also absolutely open to chat about anything that's on your mind or if your just bored.
So feel absolutely free to comment or talk about whatever.

P.S. It would be amazing if you guys could check out my stories because I have no idea how good they are. I am definitely open for any suggestions or constructive critism

P.P.S. I publish my stories on other fanfiction accounts as well

Thank You So Much!

-Beth D.M.R.

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