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Hello Peoples,
My name is Whitney and I'm hear to tell you about myself and what I love to do.
Well firstly I am 16 years young and I am of course a female. I love to draw and write stories about almost anything. I have many inspirations such as Gerard Way, Marilyn Manson, Hayley Williams, My family and Friends.
I also love to skateboard, hang with friends and just simple be myself. I am often sterotyped as emo or goth. I love many bands if you wish to know what Type of bands I like just ask.
Well thats all..bye!

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    mumbled "My artistic side"

    5 years agoReply
    Hi again, I decided to make another blog as I haven't been on for a while.
    Well most you will not know that I am in fact a very artistic person.
    I enjoy to draw and paint. I have my artworks posted on a site and people view it everyday as well as comment to tell me what they think.
    In my opinion I am a good artist but I know many people out there are better but I shall continue to practice and someday I may be a very talented artist!
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    Share your story

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    Well I have had roughly three boyfriends and I can say that the last relationship I had was the worst, but let me start from the beginning.
    My first boyfriend named Nick was a trouble maker...he seemed like a cool guy from the beginning when all he wanted was my viginity which he never got as I was stronger then him and refused so he broke up with me.
    My second boyfriend Sam was a incredible guy, very caring and a great kisser. He was always there for me no matter what, but he became clingy and I told him, but he never changed his ways. So for a week I told him I was going to be giving myself space from him. Anyway a week later he broke up with me on a site. I was so hurt and I felt like I wouldn't find anyone nor trust again until I met my thirs boyfriend online. I was incredibly in love with this guy. He was perfect to me. He was always there to talk too, he thought I was the most beautifulliest girl in the world and he made me smile no matter what mood I was in. I felt so special until one day he told me he was confused on who he loved more out of his and ex-girlfriend and myself. So for a whole month I waited and waited feeling my heart break with more time he wasted. Then after a month only a few days ago he broke up with me because he didn't love me like he did. I am so hurt and heart broken right now, that my depression is so high. I really love this guy still he means everything to me. I don't think I wanna date for awhile now, not until my trust for males is better. This is my story, share yours.
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    Heart break by someone really special?

    5 years agoReply
    Had anyone special that has broken your heart of had ever cheated on you? Share you story and meet other with similar problems :)
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    mumbled "Funny moments"

    5 years agoReply
    So I'm new to this site and this is my first official blog :)
    Righto I thought as my first blog I would share somethign funny that happened today!
    Well what happened today was I was climbing a fence and the first plank of wood clasped undernearth my feet. I fell over and the plank of wood fell on my leg.
    I felt so embrassed because the people across the road all looked over at me on the ground.
    As soon as I felt eyes on me I got up and ran around the water tank and waited for two minutes before coming back around the tank and back to the back door.
    Well hope I make you laugh!!
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