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  • McMoodkiller
    What a good idea! Love how you've written this the rhyme just flows effortlessly. Topic is classic, I love this piece.
    The Story
    The Story
    My poem was inspired by my love and passion for stories so here I attempted to capture that magic. I also tried to intertwine some of the Olympic themes hence "Inspire a generation" etc This is my...
    6 years ago
    awh thankyou so much! It means alot :D
  • McMoodkiller
    This is a really interesting idea. Cool use of POVs :D
    The Words of a Sentence
    The Words of a Sen...
    When Bex discovers she has Cancer, the exact type her mother before her had, she sees it as her duty to pull through, for the sake of her little sister, Cleo. But is it too late? This is a short story...
  • McMoodkiller
    Haha love it, know the feeling all too well!
    The Dress
    The Dress
    Many girls dream about their Prom, and the perfect dress. But how hard is into find the perfect one? For the conteset - comment, like and fave please!
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