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I'm crazy about an idiot called Luke

  • lukeythepenguin
    Wait! I'm confused! What did u mean by 'magic' in chapter 21?? Plz answer I'm rly confused
    Now You Know
    Now You Know
    Zelda Lexa Carman moves to Australia alone with her dad. Her mom left when Zelda was only 4 years old. Zelda is going through the last year of high school, senior year. She is almost 18 and has her whole...
    3 years ago
    Maybe I should have written magical instead, but you know they had sex for the first time together and that's why it was magic ��
    3 years ago
    Hope it answers your question ☺️
  • lukeythepenguin
    Ahhh this is perfffffffeccttttttt plz update more!!!
    Voodoo Doll || L.H
    Voodoo Doll || L.H
    Heather wooding is your average,16 year old girl.Luke Hemmings is the schools bad boy,Heather doesnt like luke,he annoys her.But a few twists in life can change everything…
  • lukeythepenguin
    When r u gunna update��???
    Angel with a shotgun || A.I
    Angel with a shotg...
    Ashton irwin has been my best friend since i can remember,but as 3 new boys move into the neighbourhood thinks get slightly tricky.
  • lukeythepenguin
    Perfection is full in this fanfic!! Love the long chapter and the fast update! I think if more ppl noticed this fanfic, everyone will be talking about it non stop for sure! Can't wait for the next update! I wanna see more drama, I wanna cry, I wanna laugh and I think if u work a little bit harder, you're gunna make this perfect.
    A Summer of Brothers
    A Summer of Brothe...
    What would you do if your mom ran off to marry a rockstar while you end up living with his 4 sons who suddenly falls deeply in love with you. Calum, Luke, Ashton & Michael.. (Will be doing some...
    3 years ago
    Thank you so much for reading it and loving it ❤️ please share it if you could xD
    3 years ago
    Awe baby! No need to thank me! In fact, I have to thank u! For being such a wonderful writer, making me think about what's gunna happen next day and night! I'm seriously obsessed with this fanfic! I even told my friends to read it! And if u know a way that I can share it, plz tell me! Bc I have no idea how to.��
  • lukeythepenguin
    Perfection. Update more plz!
    Untold Secrets (Luke Hemmings)
    Untold Secrets (Lu...
    "There's something about him that doesn't add up." Arabelle Miller is not like any other girl in Cypress bay high school. She doesn't want to be popular, or perfect and she especially does not want...
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