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    "Anne?" Des asked through the phone.

    "Yes?" She replies.

    "About the divorce... Who's keeping Harry?" Des asked.

    "This is a very big decision, Des, shall we talk about this over dinner?" Anne asked.

    "As in a date?" Des joked.

    "No, were getting a divorce, remember?" Anne reminded him.

    "Yes, I remember, I'm not stupid." Des said.

    "Whatever, I'll call a babysitter. Meet me at Olive Garden at eight." Anne said before hanging up.

    "Mummy?" Seven year old Harry asked, confused on the whole divorce situation.

    "Yes, Haz?" His mother asked.

    "Where's daddy?" Harry asked his mother.

    "Harry, daddy's at his house. I have to meet him at eight. Would you like to help me pick a babysitter?" She asked him.

    "No, mummy! No, babysitter!" Harry shouted.

    "Harry, I can't leave you home alone. You could go stay with grandma." She offered.

    "Babysitter." Harry huffed, crossing his arms.

    "That's what I thought." Anne said, picking Harry up and setting him on her lap.

    "Marcus Butler. 16 bad reports. 2 good reports. Ummm, no." Anne said, searching the list in her computer.

    "Jenna Marbles. 29 bad reports. No good reports. Definitely not." She continued.

    "Louis Tomlinson. No bad reports. 37 good reports. That's better." She said, clicking the profile.

    "Louis William Tomlinson. 21. Male." She read about him.

    "'He was great! My kids were begging to see him again!'" She read a report.

    "Mummy?" Harry asked.

    "Yes?" Anne replied.

    "Are we done yet?" Harry asked, getting impatient.

    "Almost. How about Louis? He seems really nice. Here, there's a picture." Anne said, pulling up the profile picture.

    "Ok, mummy." Harry said, jumping out of her lap and into the living room. Anne dialed the digits and Louis soon answered.

    "Louis Tomlinson! Who may I be speaking with?" Louis asked.

    "Yes, I'm Anne Sty-- Cox. I was wondering if you could watch my soon, Harry, tonight." Anne said. Louis ran off to check his calendar.

    "I'm free all night. Are you going on a date?" Louis asked politely.

    "I'm going out to discuss my divorce." She said.

    "Oh. May I have your address please?" Louis asked. Anne gave him the address an hung up.

    "Harry? Can you please pick up your toys? Louis will be here shortly." Anne informed her son, who was watching Family Guy on the couch.

    "And what did I say about this show? This is a very bad show. Especially at your age." Anne said, turning the tv off.

    "Is Louis your boyfriend?" Harry mocked a line he just recently seen.

    "Harry Edward! Louis is your babysitter!" Anne yelled at her son.

    *An hour later*

    "Hello Ms. Cox!" Louis greeted as he walked in the house. Harry glared at the older man.

    "Louis! Thank you so much! I'm sorry it was so short notice!" Anne apologized.

    "No, it's fine! Try to have a swell time!" Louis called after her.

    "Who are you?" Harry sneered.

    "I'm Louis, and you must be Harry." Louis said, holding his hand out for Harry to shake, but Harry just stuck his nose up and returned to the couch.

    "Can I watch Family Guy?" Harry asked Louis, putting on his best puppy- dog face.

    "Does your mummy let you watch that show?" Louis asked.

    "Of course!" Harry lied.

    "Are you sure? I don't even like that show. How about some Nick Jr.?" Louis asked Harry.

    "No! Family Guy!" Harry shouted, crossing his arms. Louis sighed and turned the channel to Family Guy.

    Soon, Harry had made his way on top of Louis, snuggling into Louis chest. Louis patted the younger boys curls, occasionally wrapping a curl around his finger. He heard light snores from the boy an decided to take him upstairs to his room. Louis laid Harry down on his bed, an went to kiss his cheek when Harry lazily shifted his neck causing Louis to plant a kiss right on Harry's lips. Louis didn't think much of it, it was an accident.

    At least, for now it was.
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    Harry Schleswig be older, like 16.
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    But my story is based on a baby sitter (Louis) so harry has to be a young age @Paintbrush
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