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  • Maya Perez
    2 years agoReply
    I love this!!! Just one problem: Muggles can not see Hogwarts. Which means Draymount (exept Tegan) cannot see Hogwarts.
    Voldemort's Granddaughter
    Voldemort's Grandd...
    Tegan was a rebel, a foster kid, kicked from home to home because of 'accidents' that kept occurring. Then in a shock revelation on a school exchange to Hogwarts, when an innocent prank goes wrong, Tegan...
    Alexa Thorpe
    2 years ago
    Glad you liked it! Good point, but I did my research haha. Muggles see Hogwarts as a crumbling down, derelict building, which Tegan and everyone sees at the beginning of the 2nd chapter. They can then see the castle because *spoiler stop reading* of the spell that will take place, which you see later, and won't remember it anyway. Hermione's parents can travel to Diagon alley as muggles, so I expect there would be some leniency with the 'Muggles can't see Hogwarts' with a Muggle/Wizard visit. Hope that helped :)
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