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Hey, I'm May and One Direction and softball are my life. I also love the beach, running, singing, dancing, music, and really just my life. Anyway, I know my fanfictions aren't your typical run-of-the-mill kind of stories, I still think you'll enjoy them. Oh, and I'm NOT writing anything where one of them dies. That's a no. Anyways, please read and I promise I'll update at least once a week. Thanks! :)

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    Just an Ordinary Girl

    ^That's my new story^ Please read, comment, favourite, like, and fan me. It means the world to me guys. And feedback is appreciated. Oh, and I'm looking for a love interest for Kaitlin. Thanks!
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    My New Movella

    I have this new movella, it's my first, Just an Ordinary Girl. Please read! I really need some feedback and everything. If you would like it or favourite it, I think I would die. If you fanned me, I can honestly say I would freak. Publicly. No joke. This means the world to me guys! So please read up!
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    Need Help With My FanFic!

    Look guys, I've got this FanFic, Just an Ordinary Girl. I really need some feedback. I've got the next 2 chapters already written and ready to update, but I need some feedback so far, so please read and comment. If you like it, like and favourite, or fan me! Thanks! Love y'all!
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    Please please please update!
    The New Sister
    The New Sister
    Rita Franklin, an American girl who's all alone, and in a foster home. Until, a nice family from the UK decide they would like to take her in, and that family just happens to the Styles family. "His...
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