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    New to this scene...what the hell is this 'writing' supposed to be?
    stuck on you...
    stuck on you...
    Ariana, Ari for short, has a rough, karate, cheer, school, friends, they are hard to juggle for her. she just wants a ticket away from it all...could meeting one direction and falling in love...
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    Im not sure what you mean
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    Well written!
    A year ago, Vince Cable, called the Tory government: 'ruthless and calculating,'-say no more.
    I would add that they couldn't give a damn about your (and others) plight.
    The high expense to enter uni is put there to deter the aspiring young. Those with better off parents will gain entry only, apart from the rich, of course.
    Those who have borrowed the money and find successful employment will think twice about going on strike in the future because of these high debts-Tory cunning.
    Articles for the College Magazine
    Articles for the...
    These are a collection of articles that I have written for my college magazine. I would love to hear your opinions on the topics that I have expressed! CC is appreciated.
    Y. Nirvana
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    Thank you for reading! When the Tory's got into power, I was hoping that they would try to reverse some of the damage that Labour left behind after their 13 year reign... but they haven't. The major political parties in the UK are all the same - ex public school boys who don't care about the English tax payers because why should they? I mean, illegal immigrants and scum who get more money in benefits than lots of working class families do in working hard are obviously the ones that need assistance (free houses, exempt from paying tax/mortgage/rent...). Obviously.
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    All a change of government is these days is a change of management: New Labour equals Tory Mark 2.
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    I am not a published writer. I have written an historical novel based on a true story set in ancient Roman times. I am on the second draft. I have also started on another project set in modern times. I have received good feedback from a professional writer, so that is encouraging. (Although she is not a 'novelist!') I gather in order to become a novelist one needs not only to believe in oneself, but to have a certain amount of talent and luck, and to grow a thick skin...rejection.
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