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Max Moritz enjoys putting words into different orders to make up different stories about different things. Max Moritz is not Max Moritz's real name.

  • Max Moritz
    6 years agoReply
    Gosh, what an arrogant little shitbag you must be.
    Eat My Word Splurge
    Eat My Word Splurg...
    If you read nothing else on this site, you must read this. It may save you from committing ritual suicide in front of your family. NOTE: Formerly known as "Hot to Write a Story That Doesn't Suck" and...
    6 years ago
    You see what I mean? The 'gosh' is a nice touch, to be fair, but potty mouthing me on my best movella? That's just nasty...
    6 years ago
    This is one of the best movellas I've read. And I'm rubbish at taking advice sometimes. Being one of the people that you've given advice to on one of my movellas, I can say you're not arrogant. Just very intelligent.
    6 years ago
    Exactly! I think this is the best peace of advice on movellas!
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