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I am an aspiring writer from England. I am attempting to get a little bit of experience under my belt, so I decided to start publishing some of my ideas on here.

I would be grateful to anyone taking the time to write me a constructive review (stress on constructive there). It is always useful to get another person's perspective.

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    mumbled "Updates, Rewrites & New Fans"

    Vauron's Hammer Chapter 2 is now up. I apologise for how short it is, but my schedule has been rather full of late. I'll do my best to keep my chapters to a minimum of 2,000 words as much as I can. Also, I have unpublished the first chapter of Through the Shimmer, as I am not happy with how I've written it. It will be back fairly soon.

    Finally, I'd like to say a quick thank you to Rebelle MidnightMoon and Layla Tomlinson (and of course Connor H. Freeman for being the first). I will take a look at your work shortly.
  • MasterofNarratives

    mumbled "Update Schedule"

    I will endeavour to post weekly updates to Vauron's Hammer every Saturday. However, I am not entirely happy with the way I've written Through the Shimmer, so I'm putting that on hold while I redo the first chapter.
    Update: I should have said Sundays. Just caught that, sorry.
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