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  • Maschinata92
    what the fuck is this shit? my friend (who uses that nickname in skype still) googles his nickname to check something and this fucking shit pops up, wtf?? you think its nice posting personal conversation on some website where people read blogs all day and like shit like on facebook? what the hell? can't you just let it go, wow... only women can do this kind of crap stuff, holy fuck if Xel was from denmark he would've literally broken into your house and thrown your computer in a swimming pool, along with your phone to make sure you don't write stupid crap again
    and he says and I quote "I guess some people just can't stop asking me to take a plane to their country and reduce the world's population by a handful."
    this is your only warning to take this crap down before he takes YOU down
    Den der får det sidste ord
    Den der får det...
    Det her er sandhed, det vil måske lyde som vanvid. Jeg skriver ikke dette for at få medlidenhed, jeg svor. At jeg skriver dette for at få det sidste ord.
    5 years ago
    I'm really sorry.. I did not think about it.. Sorry..have deleted it. i hope its good enough. Just write back if there anything more i should do.
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