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  • Mary Mcfly
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    I really like this it is very well written and thanks for checking out my poem too
    Fixed to be Broken
    Fixed to be Broken
    A simple poem telling the tragic tale of a girl, whose heart has been broken one too many times... (My entry for that poetry contest. Poetry isn't my strong point so I am open to all advise and constrictive...
  • Mary Mcfly
    6 years agoReply
    Hello everyone check out my poems here
    Be YourselfThis is a poem I wrote in attempt to inspire everyone to just be themselves, look past what others think of them and to stand up for what you believe....
    and good luck to everyone that is entering! :)
  • Mary Mcfly
    6 years agoReply
    Heya thanks for reading my poem and I really enjoyed yours it's very deep Good luck to everyone who entered :)
    The Island of Forgotten Toys
    The Island of Forg...
    This is one of my favourite poems that I've written. I guess I wrote it for my family. I have a lot to thank them for and I wouldn't be where I am today without their constant love and support.
    6 years ago
    You're welcome and thanks :) xxx
  • Mary Mcfly

    mumbled "Be Yourself "

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    Check out this poem I wrote leave comments thanks

    Be Yourself
    Remember we are luckier than others
    Respect your sisters and brothers
    And when you fall to the floor
    Stand tall and come back for more
    You may not be the next notorious B.I.G
    Or Bruce Lee
    But set your mind free
    And you can be whoever you want to be
    Wishing on a star
    May not get you that far
    We need to open our minds and write our lines
    About how we feel
    You may think it’s not a big deal
    But it’s the thrill
    Of leaving something behind for the next generation
    Cause all we need is motivation
    Just be happy and live to believe
    Because you can achieve
    Don’t live to receive
    But learn to give
    Forgive but don’t forget
    Live with no regret
    Don’t get mad when you lose a bet
    Or can’t buy a jet
    Just let your mind guide you
    It’s ok to feel blue
    Just drink mountain dew
    And you’ll feel alive and new
    Just hold tight
    Through the night; there’s a brighter day
    Just hold on
    It’s a struggle everyday but we move on
    Don’t moan
    Don’t be afraid when you stand alone
    As long as you stand with reason not treason
    Stay true to you
    And everything you do
    Believe in fate
    Cause look where the wind blew you
    Live in unity
    And remember whatever path you take
    And decisions you make
    Give back to the community
    Don’t do something just for money
    It’s more important to live in harmony
    Calm your soul
    And you’ll achieve your goal
    You have to set your mind to it
    And follow it with all you might
    And fight
    Shine in the light
    Unleash your creation
    Express your imagination
    We all want to be the best
    But sometimes we need to give it all a rest
    Just stand tall and stick out your chest
    Don’t need a bulletproof vest
    Cause we’re all blessed

    By Me
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