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I have been writing stuff ever since I was six years old and will carry on for years to come. Im down to earth and love the artistic creative things in life over reality. Im bubbly but if annoyed then very moody :)
I believe that people should live there life to the max and just enjoy it becuse at the end of the day you never know whats going to happen tomorrow. I used to worry a lot and always felt horrible after being bullied so now I have developed a thick skin and mean spiteful words just don't bother me. Most of my stories reflect some things in my life but others are just made up as i have a WIDE Imagination. Love me, Hate me but your words won't break me! x

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    This was really good, I Ioved reading it. You get how she feels and how she is feeling a little vunerable. I think the story line is good and want to read more. Is there more cam sex for them or us does something happen. Over all it was good and very descriptive <3
    Guilty Pleasures - Dear diary(January)
    Guilty Pleasures...
    I was so nervous to be doing this. Hi, my name is Raven and I am quite successful but there is a part of me that wants to take chattel, that wants to feel alive. It's very sad when no one knows my secret....
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    I liked this, very mysterious. NEED MORE
    To Atlantis and Back
    To Atlantis and...
    Have you ever wondered, in the darkest of moments, that your whole life has been a lie? That, at the bottom of the ocean, there could lie a whole new civilisation, that none of us knew about? And...
    6 years ago
    I'm writing more, so hopefully it will be up soon, but thanks a lot!! :) :D :)
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