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My Names Marley I enjoy writing Fan Fiction, so I hope you enjoy my Page (:

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    Hey guys! I will be making a new book and I decided to have one of you as the main person, you can choose any famous person to be in your fan-fic, and it doesn't have to be One Direction it can be anyone! So comment you name and who you want below or contact me kik: @Marley6746. But if you do choose One Direction make sure you state who your "Boyfriend" would be and how you want to incorporate the other guys. I can choose up to 2 people but you have to find your own cover and kik it to me!
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    great! can you check out my movella " My Encounter With the Winchester Boys?" thanks!
    Dean Winchester: My story
    Dean Winchester:...
    This is my story, Dean Winchester's story. My sad story, my shitty life in this shithole.
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    Please read my fan fiction 'magic of music ' or ' Beatles cafe' it would mean a lot! And this is really good!
    Dark- a Harry fanfic
    Dark- a Harry fanf...
    ***I DID NOT WRITE THIS*** Credit to Han-rawr on tumblr. this is one of the best fanfics out there. I am providing this story for those who haven't read it yet. I promise you won't be disappointed. WARNING:...
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    Really good! Could you maybe check out my movellas 'Magic or Music' and ' Beatles Cafe' there both Harry fan fiction comments, likes, and favorites are always welcomed! I'm looking forward for updates :)
    Pulse: A Harry Styles Fanfic (15+) (ON HOLD)
    Pulse: A Harry Sty...
    What do you do when you fall in love? Well... you fall in love. No matter how much you want to deny it, you have fallen into it. Now... what do you do when that person who you loved & trusted so much with...
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