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Hi! I'm Marina! I'm new to Movellas. I just want to make some friends! I'm only 15 with lots of wishes for this website! My fandoms will include: One Direction; The Fault in Our Stars; 5 Seconds of Summer.

I love the following:
-One Direction
-Shailene Woodley
-Zayn Malik
-Niall Horan
-Puerto Rico
-5 Seconds of Summer
-Theo James


~MarinaxZayn or just simply Marina.

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    Please update c:
    She's Not Afraid >> z.m
    She's Not Afraid...
    One Direction is not famous. "You're the promise that I keep." Emery's not afraid of all the attention. Emery's not afraid of running wild. But how come she's so afraid of falling in love? Emery...

  • MarinaxZayn
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    Ze feels Ariana! ZE FEELS!
    Moments ➳ l.t [one shot]
    Moments ➳ l.t [one...
    [Book 1 in the One Shot Collection] "You know I'll be your life, your voice, your reason to be my love, my heart is breathing for this moment in time I'll find the words to say, before you leave me...
    3 years ago
    Lol this is the only chapter I'm posting for this story since it's a one shot
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