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i want to be a writer i dont want to have to work for anyone and i hope to one day have my own book

  • the five missing pieces
    the five missing...
    by marina
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    might add more stories that I have written but only if you guys tell em what you think of ones I already have up
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    so this is a summary of what my new story will be about
    summer paradise
    i think the most painful thing would be to fall in love with someone who doesnt understand just how much you love them. we were best friends. she was my everything and I was hers we grew up together the only difference was she was two years younger, even then you would thing that would put distance between us but it didnt the only thing that kept us apart was me.........

    one summer and two years away from her thats all it took. our specail place, one cabin filled with people, my annoying girlfriend who i didnt really have feelings for and some times out doing unbelieveable things things that only we were crazy enough to do...and I was hooked. just like that. it might have taken me all summer or even longer but somehow at the end it clicked and everything felt right.I might have said that the most painful thing is loving someone you cant have and someone who doesnt understand how much you love them but i also believe that falling in love with your other half has to be the best feeling you could think of.

    please tell me what you think I hope you guys like it tell me ratheer or not i should post it or not i think my ideas ok but i really just want to know what you think
    :) thanks love you guys so much you dont understand :P
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    i might but up a fanfic i have been working on I know i havent been on lately but i will try to be on more ofter
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