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'I dream about people who don't exist .'

Names Marim and ima girl who loves to be competitive and show people that I can do stuff people say can't just because I'm a girl and I'm small �� I love my readers / followers to bits and every time I get a message saying someone has voted / commented on my story I squeal with joy!❤️ I just want people to enjoy reading ��-
Love you all like cupcakes!


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⭐️Art/painting +drawing
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��How to solve Embarrassing moments
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Check out mystery !

by , Friday December 29, 2017
Check out mystery !

Your a 17 year old who moves into a new town  with your twin brother, your younger brother by 1 year and your older brother by two years after living a horrible and trapped life with your parents. The charming Alex that is the mystery to be solved . Will you be the one to find out who he is ? And will you be able to keep your secret ? Let’s see ...

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  • Marim Star
    4 days agoReply
    I could not stop myself from crying when I read this . This is absolutely so so good ! I bet you it’s going to be a very famous book one day . It’s disgusts me the way black people were treated though , everyone is equal and just because of different skin colour they decided to make them slaves and beat them , I’m glad now black people have a say and aren’t slaves everywhere . But there still is and that needs to stop . Anyway keep going with this amazing work !!!
    The Mind As A Slave
    The Mind As A Slav...
    All my life, I've been a slave since I was fifteen. Then, age fifty, and I'm still livin' the same life. Now, age ninety, and I'm able to tell my story. This is my mind as a slavery. A story for...
  • Marim Star
    5 days agoReply
    Hey Zireee! I’m back with another request . Could I have a cover with the title ’Only girl agent’ in a fierce writing please . Marim Star as usual . With the quote ‘show your power don’t hide it’ . I’ll send pictures for ideas but if you have any I’m more than happy to see them . The story is based on a girl who worked hard to be a secret agent and got accepted at a company but she’s the first female to be accepted . So basically a girl facing sideways with a gun . Thanks so much I’ll send the pictures to your email ❤️
    Zireee's Cover Store
    Zireee's Cover Sto...
    You want a cover for your story? You've come to the right place! Hit me up!
    Marim Star
    5 days ago
    They were perfect ! Just what I wanted xx thanks ❤️
    5 days ago
    Do you know which one you picked? and I'm glad!
    Marim Star
    4 days ago
    I’m deciding between the first and second but I think the second one . But they are all so gooood , it’s hard to pick !
  • Marim Star
    1 weeks agoReply
    Awwww❤️ Yusuf sounds like a amazing friend , I’m happy to see you keep writing about what you think and not let people bring you down !
    After all the bullshit I have been through....
    1 weeks ago
    Thanks! You too are an amazing friend and writer!!!!
  • Marim Star

    mumbled "Unstoppable "

    2 weeks agoReply
    I will be changing chapter 12 for Unstoppable since I’m wattpad I’ve already started writing chapter 12 and trust me it’s way better and more emotional so far it’s 1400 words I’m aiming for 2500-3000 words so I will have it done soon!
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