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You may not see me for days, or maybe just 5 minutes. When I have free time. I'm writing a book and I will post quotes every now am then. Chapters could be up every 2 days or 5 years. Time will tell.

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    So for my story if u have any minor suggestions about it such as a quote someone should say or a name for a character reply and I might add it in! Seriously I really think I can write this one I also have another soon. Cross over between two series. Guess them and u get a like a favorite on a story. If ur suggestion is in the story I will add ur user at the bottom of the cp. so other reader can see ur profile and I will make a people list with u in it if ur suggestion/right answer is in. :)
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    Please right more!!!
    Deaths Temptation
    Deaths Temptation
    This romance story, is about a boy who all the "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" fans are familiar with, Nico Di Angelo, Son of Hades. And it's also about a young Demi God, Haley Ramoni. Haley, is a typical...
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