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Hey my names Robyn and this is my Movellas account, i also write books on another platform, Wattpad, my user is the same as this one. I enjoy writing adventure, mystery and most of my time is dedicated to music and love.
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. Just my life and a few tips.

by , Wednesday November 22, 2017
. Just my life and a few tips.




Life isn't all sunshine and rainbows and sometimes, the people who you think are the ones you can trust the most can be the ones talking about you behind your back.

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  • Marichat2876

    mumbled "so what should i do"

    11 months agoReply
    Anyone have any blog ideas? Maybe my daily life who knows?
    I have an idea why don't you talk about your life and if there is a stressful problem we can give you advice and if were going through the same thing you can give us advice too
    5 months ago
    That's actually a really good idea, sorry for getting back to you so late xx
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