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Hello :)
I'm almost new in the writing world.
Meaning that I have tried to write my stories when I was a teen, but it was only the beginnings and the ends that I wrote, all that in the middle didn't want to come out of my head..

But this time I'll want to tell my stories..
Most of the stories will be written in english and danish, but one or two will be written in a new language that i'm learning..
Now it's spanish.. Later it could be german :)

Be patience and a start will be formed ;)

  • Maribel Del Cid
    Hej, I really enjoyed reading your story
    but im feeling that the relationship between Peter and Minda is a little pointless to the story.. unless there are going to be something about it later..
    I loved that Minda is the same as Evelin and that they became friends that fast..

    Personly i liked the description about how Evelin can turn into an animal who doesn't have to feed that often, but the comments about frogs and flies seamed a bit to much (I don't like either animal) Beside that; very nice and funny dialog about the hunting and feeding.

    I'm missing somekind of "changing the scene" like: let's hunt or after they have eaten, or they walked side by side when Evelin had to know some more..
    Because when i read it, it's like: lets get some hunting done and no we wanna talk more..
    please dont misunderstand me, i love the dialog they are having,
    but i'm missing some feelings from Evelin is she scared about the knowledge Minda have, is she excited, is her heart beating fast - something to connect with her..
    again i LOOOVE the dialog, and then it's just dialog - throw in some feelings, so we as readers can really be excited, nervous or happy along with her

    Looking forward to read what's happening next :)
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