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Hi my name is Mariah. Im in sixth grade. Im 11 years old. I like to play softball and i used to do gymnastics. I LOVE one direction. I have their cd up all night. Also i have a poster of all of them. I love them all but Louis is my favorite. My dream is to meet them and go to one of their concerts.

  • Mariah Tomlinson

    mumbled "Swifties"

    I am stinkin tierd of swifties they are annoying. They think Taylor Swift is so cool but she is not. like these two girls at my school they used to like One Direction but know they like Taylor Swift. I think they only like her because they want to be diffrent.
  • Mariah Tomlinson

    mumbled "Christmas"

    I got the 1D calendar, pajamas with their faces on it , a dog tag nacklace with Louis on it, fake nails that say 1D, I love then one of their names and has their faces on it. :) the very last thing that has to do with one direction i got 2 more shirts with them on it
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