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    mumbled "Vas' Happenin Dave ? ( Part 1)"

    p.o.v Emily Lockwood

    Bip ! Bip ! Bip !

    Oh no ... already 7am ... I have absolutely no desire to leave my soft cocoon. But I have no choice if I do not want this room 'passes under my nose. I have an appointment in an hour with the owner, leaving me ... about 40 minutes before the bus arrives.

    ... Emily, your brekky is ready! And there is mail for you on the table! At any time!

    Me: (putting my slippers) Yes I can! Later!

    I then down towards the kitchen and lack of rétamer me. Yes, the famous letter must tell me my result for the road test, ie what the license. I stress, if I did not I'll have to find another means of transportation for next year ... what really complicate my thing. So I grabbed the envelope, with a knot in the stomach and tears the paper. My Hen is accelerating ...

    Student Name: Emily Lockwood
    Examiner Name: Mr. Fell

    Me: FAVORABLE !!!!

    YES! Oh the relief! After this wonderful start to the day, I eat my cereal, all happy, then I dress and makeup me, as is my habit. I leave my house and head to the bus stop. It is for once an hour, I get 5 minutes in advance to the apartment. So I wait outside the door and sees the owner finally arrived. We welcome and entering.

    At the end of the appointment, I come, very cheerful, I think the owner will agree to rent me the apartment. The talk was great. I then resume the bus to go home. It is noon, my mother is probably already gone. I pass the threshold of the door and feel the aroma of the dish she prepared us.

    Mom: (excitedly) So?! You got it ?!
    Me: Yep! (Smiling with all my teeth)
    Mom: Oh, I'm too proud of you sweetie!
    Me: .. Thanks ...
    Mom: So, to start it all, you have the right to go shopping this afternoon, I'll leave the car.
    Me: Ah .. too cool ...

    Then we eat and my mother restarts work. Then I go up to my room to take care history.

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