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  • _maria_horan_
    this is amazing!! asdgfjkl <3 please do Maria and Niall?? thanks(:
    One Direction Sexual Frustrations (15+)
    One Direction Sexu...
    Sexual One Shots on all the boys:) 15 and above due to the sexual frustrations. All the one shots in this movella do not belong to me, they belong to the tumblr blog >
  • _maria_horan_
    OMG!! this is amazing!!! PLEASE WRITE ANOTHER ONE!!!! it should be called something cute like... together forever?? And what did Colton go back and get?? PLEASE don't let him die!!!!!!!
    Daddy Won't Know
    Daddy Won't Know
    Krissy Evans is a good girl. She always has been. Until she is convinced to come to her first end of the year party. Her image soon changes when she is thrown together with Colton Flynn in 7 Minutes In...
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