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I like all y'all...jkjk no I'm surrounded by idiots.

  • pickles101811
    Umm this was yellow last time I checked so do you think you could change it back please cause I really really liked it but then my mom deleted this soooooo please
    She's Kinda Hot
    She's Kinda Hot
    5 seconds of summer gets a 3 month vacation. One day when Luke Hemmings goes to his favorite music store, he bumps into a hot girl named Unique Alexander. What happens when they become close friends? When...
  • pickles101811
    Please make this a yellow
    Daddy [a.i]
    Daddy [a.i]
    "Treat me like a princess, but fuck me like a whore." "Okay, princess." * {GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING}
    Min ๐Ÿ‘‘
    2 years ago
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    @[Maren McComas] it's marked as red due to the fact that it has sexual content, so sorry
  • pickles101811
    You are killing us
    Not Happening
    Not Happening
    Nora is 17 She has long brown wavy hair and brown eyes and a nice figure. She has to move to Australia because of her dad getting a new job there But what will happen when she meets the school bad boy...
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