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I am the girl who's lost in her thoughts, words creating stories, stories creating characters. Although this is a cool superpower, my mind drifts off into other worlds, so sorry if I don't finish off stories.
Another thing that I hope you guys will understand; I'm eighteen and I'm looking how to improve my writing technique. I don't want you to just like my story because you want a like back, or follow me in hopes of getting a follow back. If my story interests you, please read it. I don't want you to be like 'oh, you should have him/her do this and this.' If I need help on what should happen next, I'll ask for it. Thank you.
And BTWs I am a Mexican book lover who just wants to make a career in writing. I also want to learn a different language, and so on and so forth.

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    mumbled "About my new story..."

    This is goin to be the hardest story I've ever written. I'm going to need as much support I can get, because the storyline of this hits close to home. I no longer know how to cope with my depressing like sadness, so this is the only way I could cope. I hope my followers are able to love these characters as I did in real life. Enjoy.
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    To my greatest followers for sticking with me throughout my writers block; I have sad/great news-I'm graduating High School. School was the only place where I could upload my stories. I don't want to delete my account, just know that I might not update for a while. I'm sorry. T_T
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