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I grew up watching hockey with my dad every Saturday night.
He taught me how to tie my skates.
My brothers taught me how to fight.
I spent days and nights with taking shots one by one,
Till my brother came into the shed,
He grabbed his stick and took a shot,
And showed me how it was really done.
From this day forward I have listened to him,
Becoming a better player every day,
So that in that big game, on that Saturday night,
I would win it all with that one play.


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  • Mara_Cutting87
    Do u think u could fix ur spelling? It's REALLY hard to read. Thanx:P
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    4 years ago
    Thank you, I have gone through some of the recent chapters, and corrected what I can see, I will double check again for all the chapters, as soon as I get home as i'm currently on holiday, sorry for any miss spellings in my chapters as I often use my Ipod and have auto correct on. Thank you for letting us know and for reading!x
  • Mara_Cutting87
    I don't have my computer right now but I just want to say the next 3 chapters will be posted today:P
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  • Mara_Cutting87
    Updateeee pllleeeaaassseee
    A year with Justin
    A year with Justin
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    4 years ago
    I have now updated, I'm sorry it's not very good but I wanted to upload one fast enough for you!
  • Mara_Cutting87
    I'm bailing on this. It's been looked at 123 times and it has 1 favorite and 3 likes. Obviously it's horrible. I will write a better one soon. Any ideas???
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  • Mara_Cutting87
    This awesome!!! So ur Truly, Madly Deeply in love with my book, and I am Truly, Madly, Deeply in love with your book!!! Keep updating:D
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    5 years ago
    thanx. urs it too. I also updated it and am in the process of making another. so keep checking in. But seriously. you need to update too. Ur book is a drug and i am the addict. lol
    5 years ago
    I'm laughing xD
    5 years ago
    good;) lol I am too
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